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Textile Art - Tapestries

ALICE LUND TEXTILIER AB works on behalf of artists for textile decoration of private and public spaces. The studio works primarily with hand weaving and always with a focus on high quality materials, weaving techniques and artistic expression. The main cooperation in the past ten years has been with textile artist Helena Hernmarck. Other artists the studio has collaborated with is Olle Nyman, Lennart Rodhe, Nils G. Stenqvist and Gösta Backlund.


We have extensive experience of ecclesiastical textiles and can perform both small and large orders. A gold embroidered Cope, chasuble with matching stole, a hand woven pall - each item is unique and composed for their intended environment.

Interior textiles

Our strength is to create interior decorations in collaboration with the architecture. The different functions of textiles is reflected in the choice of materials, weaving technique, color and placement. Examples are exclusive carpets, curtains and wall hangings.
Alice Lund - History

Since Alice Lund Textilier's founding in 1939, the studio has produce many designed, hand-woven textiles for interiors and buildings all over the world. The studio mainly works with hand weaving and with a strong focus on quality – both in materials, weaving knowledge and artistic expression. In tradition with the history of the studio the focus of the production lies in tapestries, church textiles and interior textiles such as carpets. Alice Lund (1900-1992) was known for her good taste and her ability to create beautiful environments using textiles. Her sober, natural style is often linked to the functionalist thoughts of the 1930s and many of her design classics are still in production today.

Alice, ateljén och jag
Blog about the life in the studio and Swedish textile art, in english

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Helena Hernmarck
Since 1975 textile artist Helena Hernmarck has collaborated with Alice Lund Textilier. During the years the studio has made over 20 monumental tapestries for Hernmarck.

More about Helena Hernmarck on her website

The studio - guided tours
The weaving studio and atelier is situated in Borlänge, Dalarna in Sweden. Here we create world class textiles for interiors near and far. If you are interesting in visiting our studio and see how a hand woven textile is being made please contact Frida Lindberg,

Weaving courses
In collaboration with the textile artist Helena Hernmarck, Alice Lund Textilier offers weaving courses in the Hernmarck-technique. More information will be posted on the website when a new course is planned. For more information contact Frida Lindberg,