A rug, a tapestry, a chasuble: many different textiles are produced by the knowledgeable hands of the weavers at Alice Lund Textilier in Borlänge, Sweden. Using color, material, technique and experience, we create textiles for a specific room or space. It could be a lobby for a newly-built skyscraper on Manhattan, the chancel of the Rättvik church or a private home. Each room has a personality of its own, and with the help of textiles we emphasize and transform the room’s ambiance and atmosphere.



At Alice Lund Textilier we’ve saved archival material from our start in 1936 until today. These resources are the foundation for the studio’s work in the looms but also for textile history research. The archive comprises thousands of sketches, photographs, woven samples and commission catalogs. We’re currently examining the material from Sofia Widéns company, a project headed by Frida Lindberg with funding from the Agnes Geijer Fund for Research on Nordic Textiles. For more information about the archive or research regarding the studio, please feel free to contact us.